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DBZ: Imitation is the greatest form of flattery  by Valorista23 DBZ: Imitation is the greatest form of flattery :iconvalorista23:Valorista23 1 3 HotD - Michiko Shinrei [rough sketch] by Valorista23 HotD - Michiko Shinrei [rough sketch] :iconvalorista23:Valorista23 2 0 Nijine Tari by Valorista23 Nijine Tari :iconvalorista23:Valorista23 4 6 Galaxy Astralamite by Valorista23 Galaxy Astralamite :iconvalorista23:Valorista23 7 6 One Night With A King by Valorista23 One Night With A King :iconvalorista23:Valorista23 2 1 The Queen of the Seas: Zirina Raedan by Valorista23 The Queen of the Seas: Zirina Raedan :iconvalorista23:Valorista23 1 5 OJ - Poison: Chapter Three Scenes by Valorista23 OJ - Poison: Chapter Three Scenes :iconvalorista23:Valorista23 23 9 OJ - Poison: Chapter Two Scenes by Valorista23
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OJ - Poison: Chapter Two Scenes :iconvalorista23:Valorista23 18 4
OJ - Poison: Chapter One Scenes by Valorista23 OJ - Poison: Chapter One Scenes :iconvalorista23:Valorista23 20 1 Nijine Tari by Valorista23 Nijine Tari :iconvalorista23:Valorista23 0 1 TBWTB - Hana Matoko and Haruka Seamayer by Valorista23 TBWTB - Hana Matoko and Haruka Seamayer :iconvalorista23:Valorista23 2 3 Athalia x Kail by Valorista23 Athalia x Kail :iconvalorista23:Valorista23 1 3 Legion of Superheroes - Asatira (31st Century) by Valorista23 Legion of Superheroes - Asatira (31st Century) :iconvalorista23:Valorista23 2 0 Boromisha: Battle Mode (colored) by Valorista23 Boromisha: Battle Mode (colored) :iconvalorista23:Valorista23 2 5 Boromisha: Battle Mode (updated) by Valorista23 Boromisha: Battle Mode (updated) :iconvalorista23:Valorista23 1 0 A Bond Between Little Devils by Valorista23 A Bond Between Little Devils :iconvalorista23:Valorista23 4 2


Redecorated my room a bit, and now the desk that was just a dumping ground is now my work station. A functional work station in my bedroom :dance:
Just applied to be a Character Designer for Nickelodeon's TMNT (Reboot). Keepin' my fingers crossed, wish me luck guys!!!
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Feeling rather down right now. Just found out my Uncle Bob died 3 days ago, most likely of a heart attack.
How many of you enjoy the TV series "Xiaolin Showdown? If so, how many of love the fashion styles of Kimiko Tohomiko? I propose a redesign of every outfit she ever wore in the series. Who's up for that action?
Remember when I asked about your dream lovers? Who have you dreamt about the most lately? And what some of the memorable moments you've shared that sends your heart all a flutter, gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling, and to know that that dream lover has that same mutually feeling you both desperately wish to act upon?
How many of you have dream lovers in which that lover is a character from one of your favorite movies/TV shows and you dream about them on a regular basis? And if you do, who is it? How many makes no difference~
DBZ: Imitation is the greatest form of flattery
A rough sketch of my DBZ OC "Manami Roy". An equally-strong fighter, intelligent, endearing, understanding, and Piccolo's secret admirer. She looks up to him as a role model of strength and inner completion. She and Piccolo a lot of time together and he would become so use to being around her (despite his utter embarrassment of feeling a reciprocal affection, particularly for a human female) that he actually lets her hold his hand in public. At one point, Piccolo makes a bold and plants a kiss on her hand, then her cheek, and finally she returns to boldness and gives him his first kiss. Manami is so devoted to him that she would do anything to be with him, even give up her own humanity to become the first female Namekian.


Piccolo belongs to Dragonball Series, FUNimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV, & Akira Toriyama

Manami Ryo belongs to me
Will be attempting to post 2-3 deviations once a week. Maybe busy at work or working on project so don't expect too much~
For each time I change my profile, I shall also switch to one of my many pseudonyms. So be prepared...
You guys ever have those kinds of dreams where high expectations of an unknown source are suddenly placed upon you? Like you're the only one who can fix a problem that is beyond yourself and there are those who either ostracize, criticize, or damn you for being different even though you never asked for any of the endowed power or responsibility to begin with? You try to stay out of trouble and lead a normal life, but somehow trouble keeps finding you no matter how much you evade it. You guys ever have dreams like that?
HotD - Michiko Shinrei [rough sketch]
Name: Michiko Shinrei

Age: 16

Origin: Japanese

Hair: Shoulder-length, somewhat curly, black

Eyes: Golden brown (pupils glow bright blue when powers activate) 

Skin: Light tan

World: Highschool of the Dead

Occupation: Fujimi Academy Student, President of the Martial Arts Club, Local Bad-Ass, Psychic

Status: Alive

Abilities: Psychologic powers, bare-handed martial arts, rarely weapons (particulary handgun or anything sharp/effective)

Family: Ran Shinrei (mother), Hiyaku Shinrei (father, deceased), Jouji Hinotama (godfather, deceased)  

Likes: Martial Arts [jujitsi], pizza, ramen, relaxing on the beach, anything sweet (ex. cherry lollipops, fancy mini cakes, tarts), modern japanese trend magazines, arcade, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, her mother, her newfound friends (mostly Takashi Komuro)

Dislikes: Variety of the LCD intelligent status (ex. ignorant/brainless, crude, psychotic, or self-absorbed/high & mighty), zombies, sexism, skirts/anything pretty, being looked down upon or considered weak, being called cute, anyone or anything that threatens her loved ones or those she considers friends, Koichi Shido

Bio: Michiko Shinrei was once a sweet young girl and daughter of real estate agent, Ran Shinrei, and military fighter pilot, Hiyaku Shinrei. She also has a great amount of respect and love for her godfather and friend of the family, Jouji Hinamoto (to whom she referred to as Uncle Joe). But around the time she was 12, her personality changed drastically to a rather angry, silent, and otherwise sullen demeanor when she gained her psychic abilities. This mostly stems from the psychological trauma she suffered from the untimely death of her father, Hiyaku, and godfather, Jouji, both of whom were killed in action during a war (their jet shot down and swove in, resulting in an explosion upon impact). Though Michiko had a lot of anger burning within her, through the love of her mother and her calming hobbies (flower arrangement/tea ceremony) she managed to keep for powers suppressed and under control over the next few years. She rarely used her powers unless it was necessary or to prove a point that no one shall mess with her less they have a death wish. Her attire changes over time as well. To the point where she dressed so much like a tomboy that when she started her first year in Fujimi Academy, she mainly wore a boy's school uniform while sporting a loose yellow T-shirt, fingerless gloves, many ear piercings, and her father's military dog tags. While people questioned her silent and anti-social outlook as well as her wardrobe, Michiko fervently ignored them while attempting something of a normal school life with as little trouble for her mother's sake. Eventually, Michiko joins the Martial Arts Club with her fellow student Rei Miyamoto (to which she trained in sojutsu while Michiko trained in jujitsu) steadily rising up to the rank of President due to her expanding technique and phyical prowess (rivaling that of Saeko Busujima [Captain of the Kendo Club]). She would spend her time away from home and school going to the arcade, the beach, the supermarket, or the pizza parlor enjoying solitude. Unfortunately, it did not last long once the zombie outbreak set into motion and she is forced to use her powers once again and band with her fellow schoolmates (Takashi's group). Michiko soon comes to think of them as friends while also discovering she may show a possible love interest in Takashi Komuro. Though out of respect for the other admirers, she keeps those feelings at bay. Michiko now faces the zombie apocalypse, using her powers in order to survive, protect her friends, and find her family at any cost. 
Nijine Tari
An art trade for a friend now finally completed. Digits were tricky on the drapes but managed somehow. Hope you like it and enjoy!!!

Nijine Tari belongs to :icone-rotten:
Galaxy Astralamite
Made for a coworker at work in February. Just like she asked: sci-fi, octupi, and purple with "solar system" space theme. The mini octopi for inspired by the pentapuses on Avatar: The last Airbender while the butterfly wings on the goggle headset were inspired by :iconillusionevenstar: 's TOYLB: DMW Season 4 pic

Just saw the most beautiful, amazing and whimsical of all Disney-remakes, Beauty & the Beast in Real 3-D. It was such a moving masterpiece that I was literally in tears. I recommend you see it for yourself so you too can experience the same magic I felt in every moment~…


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Suki Kiyoko
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United States
Love, laughter, and friendship (among lots of other stuff) are my thing. I take pride in my work and respect the hell out of artists as well as appreciate each unique style. I love art, music, literature, video games, movies, anime, manga, and fanfics/blogs. Come into my world and fly away with me.
Emergency alert to all Watchers and Others

Thanks toriku-wyser-chronos.deviantart.… and  for the information, they discovered a website that steals artworks and others, to resell them in poster. And without asking permission from the designers.… Do not send reports to this site! It is infested with viruses, and this risks stealing your bank details and other important information. Neither do any research in this site. All we can do is unfortunately the petition.

I advise you to carefully look for other of your drawings. And notify your drawing friends. They're also a victim. There is a petition to close this site.…

Please spread the news.

I hope you all get this message.


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